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Almond milk is killing our bees

Almond milk is killing our bees

Bees are essential to the production of almond milk. However, the sad reality is, billions are dying in the process of creating this popular vegan alternative. 


California is responsible for 80% of the world almond production. According to an article in the Times, Wilkinson states that 31 billion bees are being transported to almond farms in California every year in order to aid the pollination of this 'popular vegan superfood'. 

As a result, bees are being shipped in huge quantities to these regions. This journey is proven to have harmful affects on our bees health and is believed to reduce their life expectancy. Many of the beekeepers who send their bees off, report that they are coming back ill. 

"It’s like sending the bees to war. Many don’t come back", said Nate Donley in the Guardian. 

However, this is not the only way in which the almond industry is mistreating bees. Within almond production farms in California bees are being exploited and placed in monocultures where growers expect the bees to be productive year in year out. On the almond groves, bees are also required to come out early from hibernation in order to cater to the crop seasons. 

How can we put a stop to this?

Fair trade

Customs buying almond products can make sure all their produce contains these labels. Buying items with Better Bee Certifications on them. 

Buying alternative produce

By diversifying away from almond products and towards more suitable bee friendly products such as coconut, rice, pea protein, soy and oats. 

The bee population is already increasingly at risk due to climate change and pesticides. Every action we make towards protecting and preserving our bees is vital. 

A call to all vegans to reconsider an alternative to almonds and look out for our humble bee saviours. 






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