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Bees at Christmas

Bees at Christmas

If you love those Christmas cracker fun facts, here is something similar; some Christmas bee themed facts. 


English farmers used to put sprigs of holly on their beehives. On the first Christmas, they believed, the bees hummed in honour of the Christ Child. 


There was an old belief that early on Christmas Morning all bees would leave their hives, swarm, and then return. Many old Scots tell tales of having witnessed this happening, though no-one can explain why. One explanation is that bees get curious about their surroundings, and if there is unexpected activity they will want to check it out to see if there is any danger. As people were often out and about on Christmas night, the bees would sense the disturbance and come out to see what was going on.


The Bee was also worshiped in Scandinavian cultures, such as Finland, where the insect is thought to transport the prayers of ordinary people up to the creator in the sky. Several Countries, including Poland had a tradition at Advent and, in some homes, on Christmas Eve, of pouring melted beeswax into a dish of cold water, and fortunes were told from the shapes which emerge.

Without bees, the classic christmas meal would struggle to get put on your plate. 


There would be no cranberry sauce, no parsnips, no carrots, and no peas. You would not have any spices, nuts or fruit for your Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, or mince pies. Even your turkey, beef or other roast joints might be more miserable as it misses the bees who pollinate the soya used in their food. 

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