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Do bees poop?

Do bees poop?

To answer the question that we know you have all been buzzing to know, in short Yes…bees do poop and it’s all yellow, just like all the food they eat!

This brings us to the final section: the hindgut. Now this is where the magic happens

Bees have an intestine and a rectum just like us and use it just how we do!

Worker bees will always use the big white telephone outside the hive, whereas the drones, larvae and the queen are quite happy to sit on the throne inside.

If you thought worker bees already had to work hard enough by fetching the nectar every day, you’d be wrong.

Come springtime, the workers clean out the muck that their “hivemates” have left for them. See that yellow stuff floating in the air? Yeah, not all of it is pollen. The workers will go about their daily lives acting like a crop duster. Only for poop.

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