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Do black honey bees exist?

Do black honey bees exist?

Some beekeepers have reportedly found black honey bees in their colonies and wonder if these are honey bees or intruders? Have you been wondering as we approach Black Friday… if honey bees can be black?⁠

The European Dark Bee is the only honey producing bees that are completely black. They are also known as the German Dark Bee. They can be found in the northern regions of Britain and Wales as well as in Germany (hence their name). They were once thought to be completely eliminated in the 1990s however, it appears that since 2012, more reports have been noted of their existence. So keep your eyes peeled 👀​👀​⁠

These European dark bees are in fact better suited to the UK’s cooler and colder climate⁠

Other reasons for black bees can be due to a genetic mutation, although this is very rare. They do still produce honey and work alongside the other honey bees in the colony!⁠

We would love to see any images you have of rare bees you have spotted in England. If not, maybe you will have better look with Black Friday.⁠

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