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Introducing Beeble Backs - Beeble Co

Introducing Beeble Backs

At Beeble we often work shoulder to shoulder with conscious and inspiring individuals, people who are working towards building a brighter and greener future. Beeble Backs is an initiative we have built to celebrate these individuals. 

Bees are famously hardworking and collaborative, constantly ensuring our plants are pollinated and that there is honey on our tables (or in our whisky). Beeble Backs will feature people based on these premises, selecting people who’s work is improving our environment or society as a whole.

Each month we will back someone new, they will be sent a hamper of Beeble products to enjoy, before being interviewed by myself (Harry Reed). The interview will be shared on the Beeble website monthly with the interview format differing depending on the location and preference of the interviewee.

Our first guest will be in January 2021 with Xanthe Gladstone; a chef, entrepreneur and food sustainability advocate.

We are buzzing to launch this initiative and can’t wait to celebrate great people with you in 2021 and beyond. 

Bees on Honeycomb

Written by Harry 

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