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What are the benefits of bees on our wellbeing?

What are the benefits of bees on our wellbeing?

We all know that living in London can sometimes mean we remove ourselves from nature. From spending too much time inside or getting swept up by the busy urban lifestyle, we miss out on the benefits of being in green spaces. I think for all of us, in lockdown, we all realised how important this connection with nature is for our wellbeing and general lifestyle.

Bees however, can provide a solution to both of these. 

The benefits of keeping bees for mental health


It can help you to get out several times a week, have a schedule, and have something to concentrate on. 


Sitting with your bees and keeping a watchful eye on them mimics practices of yoga and meditation. Your concentration of your bees helps you escape from the daily worries. " the buzzing sound helps clear all of the “clutter” inside their heads". 


Beekeeping inspires creativity whether a delicious honey cake, mead, or wax candles

Being outside in nature

Walking and spending time in you garden watching your bees is so beneficial for wellbeing. It is a reason to get you to be active and to escape the bustling chaos of city life. 

New relationships

Beekeeping can help build new relationships, to other bee lovers and even your own bees. Beekeeping allows you to meet others in the apiary or online bringing a social aspect too many peoples’ lives. 


Did you know? Beekeeping as a therapy has been used for a number of years for example to help stop young offenders from reoffending and helping many prisoners to find a new purpose in life. It is also used in cases such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in military veterans.

Keep yourself active and stay connected with nature with our very own Beekeeping course

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