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The Future is Bright - Beeble Co

The Future is Bright

The present may look bleak but there is a bright bright future on the horizon…
The Future, Next Exit

It’s a wet, miserable day in London as I apprehensively peer out of my kitchen window. I am of course still acclimatising to this WFH (working from home) culture and it’s because we’re right in the heart of a global pandemic to which there appears to be no end in sight. 

BUT beyond the doom and gloom of today is a brighter tomorrow. A world where sustainability and conservation become of equal importance to businesses as the figure on the bottom line of the PnL (profit and loss). 

Bees in Garden

But how can you know that for sure? I hear you cry! Well, simply put, because we have no other choice. At some point (and I think the revolution is happening in part already), the business world and the natural world will collide – they are going to have to realise that they must exist in harmony because there cannot be a future for one without the other. 

Environment - sustainable

Yes, we need business to thrive in order for the human race to continue the lifestyle it has become so accustomed with but also yes, we need the environment to thrive in order for the human race to continue its existence! And I can assure you that this vision of harmonious matrimony between environment and economy will be realised one day because, plainly, there is no other way. 


N.B. I must apologise for my shameless use of the TLA (three letter acronym) – I am an accountant at heart after all.

Written by Matt 
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