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What is a bees schedule?

What is a bees schedule?

To all you beekeepers, be prepared. As we are hoping for the emergence of spring  we still have to get through a few more cold months. It is important to know all about the bees schedule so that we can be prepared for the weather to come.

Bee season depends largely on temperature and the seasonal patterns of flowers. However, there are some bees that have no seasonal preferences and feed off a variety of flowering plants.

After hibernating over the winter, bees awaken in time to collect pollen and nectar from their preferred plants; flowering plants also bloom in correspondence with the arrival of their most effective pollinators.
Spring is the busiest period as the Queens begin laying their eggs, scouts head out of the hive to find food to replenish diminished stocks, and the rest of the workers shoulder the load in raising more brood. At this point, the food supply is running short, and there will be more mouths to feed when the eggs hatch. Because of this, beehives are at the highest risk for starvation in March. April can still be a cold month at times. If there are too many cold days, the risk of hive starvation remains.

Beekeepers need to provide artificial syrup and candy (pollen patties) to sustain and help them with the ups and downs of weather in the early spring.

Usually by May, due to nectar collection being in full swing, there is the biggest increase in population size. It is at this point that bees are ready to swarm, which means a queen and part of the hive break off to seek another location for a new hive.

As a beekeeper, during these busy months from March to the end of September, it is important to visit the colonies on a cycle every 7-9 days on a warm, dry day. It is important to keep checking the bees to check on the colonies’ progress and look for signs of any disease.

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