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Honey Rum Mai Tai Recipe

Honey Rum Mai Tai Recipe

Most people think of a Mai Tai to be a very fruity and sugary cocktail, but the original Mai Tai wasn't like that. The classic Mai Tai is full of rich rum, deliciously balanced, and a little bit nutty.
The cocktail's recipe is credited to Victor J. Bergeron, who also goes by the name Trader Vic. Trader Vic came up with the concoction at his Polynesian-themed restaurant Trader Vic's in Oakland, California in 1944. He even made note of the famous concoction on page 164 of his book; ‘Trader Vic's Bartender Guide’.
According to his book, the cocktail should be served in a double old-fashioned glass, which is a short glass with a thick base that is 12 oz wide. The recipe also states that the shell of the lime used to create the fresh time juice should then be placed on top of the drink with the green side up and then served with a sprig of mint. The idea behind this garnish is that the mint and lime represents an island. 

How did the Mai Tai become so popular?

According to the story, after Trader Vic presented his concoction to his visiting Tahitian friends, they ended up liking it so much one of them exclaimed, "Maita’i roa a’e," which translates in English to "out of this world! The best!". It was in this very moment  - so the story says - the cocktail got it's name ‘Mai Tai’.

Following the Mai Tai’s success with his Tahitian friends, Trader Vic introduced the cocktail to the Hawaiian Islands. However, the recipe was slightly adjusted by adding orange and pineapple juice to make it more tourist-friendly. Overtime, this recipe became highly popular and overshadowed the original well-balanced taste of the Mai Tai. 

The Beeble Mai Tai

For our version of the Mai Tai we have tried to remain loyal to Trader Vic's original recipe, using Curacao Liqueur, Lime Juice, Orgeat syrup and a dash of sugar syrup. For the rum, we use our very own Beeble Honey Rum. Since our Beeble Honey Rum already has the perfect touch of natural sweetness we have slightly adjusted the recipe to have a little less syrup than his recipe suggests. 


  • 50ml Beeble Honey Rum
  • 15ml Orange Curacao Liqueur (or Cointreau)
  • 20ml Lime Juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 10ml Monin Orgeat syrup (or any alternative almond syrup)
  • 5ml Cane sugar syrup
  • Lime slice to garnish 
  • Mint sprig to garnish (beat the mint in your palm to let the aroma come loose)
  • Maraschino cherries to garnish


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, and combine the Beeble Honey Rum, Orange Curacao Liqueur, lime juice, and sugar syrup.
  2. Shake for around 20-30 seconds until the liquid is really well chilled. 
  3. Strain into a glass filled with cubed or crushed ice 
  4. Garnish with whatever takes your fancy - we love a maraschino cherry and a lime slice. Mint is also a traditional garnish for this recipe!


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