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Honey Whisky Godfather - Beeble Co

Honey Whisky Godfather

‘The Godfather’ first became popular in the 1970s after featuring in The Godfather – an American production based on the 1969 Mario Puzo novel. The film stars Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone who famously drinks the cocktail, claiming it was his favourite drink. In addition, the film also prominently features an Italian mob and Amaretto (a key ingredient of the drink) is an Italian liqueur. For these reasons, it is widely believed that this is how the cocktail acquired its name, ‘The Godfather’.

The Godfather

However, the true origins of the drink remain unclear. Some individuals suggest it was invented by an American Bartender, Donato “Duke” Antone, who also claims to have invented nearly 50 other cocktails. However, little evidence exists to support his claim. After the 1970s, the drink started to become less fashionable, although today it is starting to be more widely consumed and has become a fairly popular digestif to finish a meal.
‘The Godfather’ is a stiff drink, made to be sipped slowly (due to its high alcohol content) and typically comprising a 1:2 ratio of Amaretto and Scotch Whisky, served in a rocks glass over ice. The Scotch Whisky adds smoky notes to the drink, whilst the Amaretto beautifully complements this by adding a sweet, liquorish infusion. This creates a wonderful combination of a smooth, rich and subtly sweet drink. Strong, stiff but delicious.
Like many famous cocktails, ‘The Godfather’ is part of a family of similar drinks. ‘The Godmother’ although similar in alcoholic content and ratios, uses Vodka instead of Scotch Whisky. Likewise, the Godfather II, which was created more recently, replaces the Scotch whisky with Bourbon, creating a slightly different aromatic compilation. Another variation on ‘The Godfather’ is ‘The Godchild’. This is perfect for those wanting a slightly weaker drink, which masks the mild bitterness and strength of the alcohol using double cream. In addition, this can be made using Scotch (taking the name ‘Godson’) or Vodka (taking the name ‘Goddaughter’).

The Godchild cocktail
The 'Godchild' Cocktail

Our version of ‘The Godfather’, replaces the Scotch with Beeble Honey Whisky. Naturally sweetened using honey from our local Wiltshire hives, this complements the Amaretto perfectly to create a slightly less bitter and (in our opinion!) more palatable drink. We like to serve ours ice-cold in a rocks glass, topped with a maraschino cherry and a slice of orange.

Honey Whisky Godfather
The 'Godfather' Cocktail

Honey Whisky Godfather Recipe

 Prep time: 4 mins

 Total time: 4 mins

 Serving size: 1


·      60ml Beeble Honey Whisky

·      30ml Amaretto

·      Ice

·      Orange slice and Maraschino Cherry



1.     Add all the ingredients to an ice-filled mixing glass and stir (this will slightly dilute it and release some of the botanical notes)

2.     Strain into a rocks glass and serve over ice

3.     Garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry

~ Beeble’s top tip ~
for an extra finishing touch, before serving, run a slice of orange around the rim of the glass to make each and every sip sensational :)


Written by Hester 

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