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Fabulous Farm Shops - Compton McRae

Fabulous Farm Shops - Compton McRae

Bumble down south from our busy Beeble hives and you may stumble across the latest feature in our ‘Fabulous Farm Shops’ blog, Compton McRae. Nestled in Semley, surrounded by the beautiful rolling Wiltshire hills, this particular village shop is every food shopper’s dream.

Compton Mcrae farm shop 

Having spent much of my life in the Semley area, and as a foodie myself, I have witnessed the rise and fall of a number of delis, village shops and farm shops in the area. However, Compton McRae is definitely here to stay.


It has become a hub both for locals, and also those not so local, drawing people in with their shelves stocked full of quality drinks (Beeble of course!), chocolates, freshly baked breads, delicious meats and it would be impossible not to mention the heavenly sausage rolls. I have spent far too long ogling these walls… Their mantra, though simple, is very apt, ‘selling fabulous products’.

 Compton McRae Farm Shop

However, I think what really makes Compton McRae so special is more than this array. I spent some of this summer working next door, and I have to admit that a large excitement of the day was when I could waltz into the beautifully designed barn (with its own separate cheese room), welcomed in by Bill and his wonderful staff. This buzz has changed the game of shopping, it’s really not a chore but a joy.

Post-lockdown, Compton McRae, like many other farm shops, has had a makeover. The most significant instalment is their brand new outdoor (but covered, which is necessary with Wiltshire’s temperamental weather) seating area. When asked recently about where I would vote to be the number one local lunch spot, I stood firmly by Compton McRae (and yes, I’m aware of the many surrounding gastropubs). Boasting delicious food and a charming atmosphere, what more do you need?

Compton Mcrae Farm Shop

So, whether browsing the mouth-watering cheese collection, shopping for a gift or looking for the perfect lunch spot, Compton McRae really does have it all. Oh, and whilst you’re there look out for our Beeble bottles!


Written by Eleanor


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