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Bees & Beekeeping

Medical Magic: The Buzz Around Honey

In a climate reeling from Covid-19 - a disease which effects the respiratory system, understanding the health benefits behind something as natural and readily available as honey might just prove invaluable. Honey has long been used as a home remedy to treat coughs and colds.

NEW Great Taste Award Winner

It’s a warm spring morning just as lockdown is easing and I’m cycling past Borough Market and forking right on to Southwark Street towards the Guild of Fine Food. As I approach the door I’m greeted by a face full of mask complete with muffled pleas of keeping a safe distance.

A View From Behind the Mask 😷

Hello, and happy Wednesday everyone. Last weekend saw our first live trade event since the pandemic broke out and I want to tell you all about it! We didn’t really know what our first event in a post COVID-19 world would look like. Large, 2m-distanced, one-way queues of ‘single households’?

2020 Reflections: a Covid-19 Business Diary

COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, unprecedented – all words that seem to have become all too familiar in 2020. This time last year, heading towards the August bank holiday, who would have thought that less than 12 months later we’d be back into recession?! Certainly not me!

Our Plastic Addiction

The worldwide plastics problem needs to be a main theme of discussion to stop, and attempt to counter, the vast environmental damage caused over the last 100 years. Making just a few small changes can have a big impact on the amount of plastic we use on a day-to-day basis. 

The Future is Bright

It’s a wet, miserable day in London as I apprehensively peer out of my kitchen window. I am of course still acclimatising to this WFH (working from home) culture and it’s because we’re right in the heart of a global pandemic to which there appears to be no end in sight. 
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