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Unbeelievable Health Supplements

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• Bee Calm supplement for relaxation and wellbeing is an exciting blend of unique ingredients researched and formulated by nutritionists and combines therapeutic amounts of the highest quality plant-based ingredients which are shown to help ease tension, stress and agitation and to help promote a sense of wellbeing

• Bee rested Sleep Support supplements are researched and formulated by nutritionists combining 9 therapeutic ingredients shown to help support healthy sleep including royal jelly, Griffonia seed extract (which provides 5-HTP) & Montmorency cherry (both convert into melatonin), as well as Humulus lupulus (hops), saffron, lavender and chamomile extracts, bee propolis and magnesium

• Bee Energised is an all in one synergistic formula which is researched and formulated by nutritionists combining highest quality nutrients shown to help improve energy & focus including organic: bee pollen, matcha tea, green tea leaf and spirulina, along with siberian ginseng, rosemary extract & rose hips as well as Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12

• Bee Prepared Max Strength Immune Formula has won 10 awards. This nutritionist formulated synergistic supplement combines bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans, acerola cherry, in concentrated amounts with the addition of astaxanthin and reishi mushroom

•As well as being swallowed whole with water, the capsules can also be opened and added to yogurt, juice or smoothies if desired.

• Size: pack of 20 capsules

• Unbeelievable Health’s range of supplements have been researched and formulated by nutritionists and combine therapeutic amounts of highest quality nutrients which have proven studies behind their beneficial use, to help support specific health concerns including immunity, energy and focus, sleep and anxiety.

• Unbeelievable is one of the only brands marrying the amazing substances bees produce (propolis, bee pollen & royal jelly) with synergistic plant, food and botanical sourced ingredients- a combination of nature’s finest nutrients from hives, fields and forests which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin- making them an ideal way to optimise any health regime. Each supplement contains different ingredients so they complement each other and may be taken together.

- Winners of 25 industry awards
- Outstanding consumer reviews
- Championed by nutritionists
- Vegetarian society approved & free of allergens, fillers and excipients
- An ethical, values led business which donates a portion of sales to bee causes and research
- Made in the UK

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