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Beeble Backs

Jul 29, 2021

Beeble Backs in conversation with Daisy Petrie

Similar to me, Daisy is a recent graduate and we are both trying to make our way in the world. I really didn’t know what to expect when we first met but I was immediately struck by Daisy’s magnetic energy and her zest for life. She was a bundle of energy and joy and I immediately warmed to her.

Jun 14, 2021

A Double AKT worth watching out for!

Ed and Andy met performing on the stage in the West End of London in 2015. It’s a gruelling profession – long days, longer nights and rehearsals on your day off! Add in to the mix, they are performing under bright lights, singing & dancing, whilst using the same costumes for every show.

May 13, 2021

Bill Granger in conversation with Beeble Backs

Restaurants have been closed for the best part of a year, has there ever been a more important time to back them? Seeing tables full again, people enjoying eating out and everyone back at work is so refreshing. This month we chose to back Bill Granger.

Apr 8, 2021

“Bees have been a part of my life forever."

This month, guest contributor Juliet Cornick talks to calligrapher and owner of Embellishing the Ordinary, Laura Gillingham, about handwriting, weddings, and how to artistically thrive in the world of calligraphy and beyond. "Bees have been a part of my life forever."

Mar 11, 2021

Dr. Eleanor Manners in conversation with Beeble Backs

With Spring approaching and lockdown three ending it looks like we will all finally be able to leave our hives and enjoy a couple of rounds of Beeble with our friends and family in the sunshine. This certainly wouldn’t have been the case without the hard work our NHS has put in during Covid.

Feb 10, 2021

"Carefree and Colourful". Beeble Backs in conversation with Garden of Eve.

Eve is a self-taught crafter from Whitley Bay, in the North East of England. She learnt to crochet during study breaks from an English with Creative Writing degree. And on her study abroad year in Reykjavik, Iceland, she started making jewellery.

Jan 15, 2021

Xanthe Gladstone in conversation with Beeble Backs

Xanthe is a chef and food sustainability advocate. She recently quit her job and left London to train at the Ballymaloe cookery school, before moving to Wales where she runs catering events, grows vegetables, tends to her hens and practices sustainable cooking and living. 
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