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The Beeble Founders: Matt & Nicola

The Beeble Founders: Matt & Nicola

Beeble began with one hive hidden away in the Cotswolds. We were new to the bee-keeping world and fully committed to keeping that hive healthy. From this first colony we just about made enough honey to give some jars to friends, with a bit left over for our breakfast. It was delicious.


However, we soon realised it was difficult to avoid wasting the honey stuck to the frames taken from the hive. To avoid this waste, we soaked the frames into whisky. This turned out to be the first ever batch of Beeble Honey Whisky. 

We haven’t looked back since.


Since then, the Beeble team and identity has grown. We now make honey vodka and honey rum. 

We are now proud to say that Beeble is responsible for the existence of one hundred and thirty hives around our home in Wiltshire. There are around sixty thousand honey bees in a single colony. That adds up to almost eight million Wiltshire bees making our honey whisky.


Eight Million Bees.

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