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Honey Rum Mai Tai Recipe

Most people think of a Mai Tai to be a very fruity and sugary cocktail, but the original Mai Tai wasn't like that. ...

Honey Rum Hurricane Cocktail

The popular Hurricane Cocktail is easily recognisable by its vibrant red colour, curved tall glass, and orange slic...

What is Honey Rum?

Honey rum is a blend of honey and rum. It is a rich, warm and sweet alcoholic drink that originated in the Canary Isl...

What is Honey Vodka?

Honey vodka is a blend of honey and vodka. While vodka on its own has a relatively neutral taste, honey vodka is swe...

What Is Honey Whisky?

Honey whisky is a blend of honey and whisky. The mellow sweetness of honey whisky is perfectly enhanced by the cozy w...

Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe

Sweet pineapple juice, tangy orange juice, and our very own Beeble Honey Rum is a match made in heaven (if we say so ...

Honey Caipiroska Cocktail Recipe

The caipiroska cocktail is a spin-off of Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha. The caipiroska cocktail is known...

Dark ‘N Swarmy Cocktail Recipe

The Dark ‘N Stormy cocktail was first invented by the Gosling brothers in the 1970s. Although similar in many ways to a Moscow Mule, the drink is distinctive as it is made using rum instead of vodka. It is also one of only four cocktails in the world to be officially trademarked. 

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

The Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail which first gained popularity in America during the 1940s and became an officially recognised drink in 1941 when it was brought to Manhattan bars. The cocktail is part of the ‘buck’ family due to the presence of ginger beer and citrus juice in the drink.

Skinny Bee Cocktail Recipe

The Skinny Bee*tch cocktail is our twist on the classic vodka-tonic cocktail. A fairly clean drink, which is lower on the calories than some sweeter cocktails, the recipe is genius and the perfect refreshment for a warm summer’s day or as a light aperitif before dinner.

Mint Julep Cocktail

To create our version of the Mint Julep we like to use a combination of Beeble Honey Whisky, brown sugar, mint leaves and a splash of water. Stirred, not shaken, this creates a deliciously refreshing cocktail, perfect for a warm summer’s evening.

Brown Derby Cocktail

The Brown Derby Cocktail is believed to have been created in Billy Wilkerson’s Vendome Club in Hollywood, California during the early 1930s. Its name was then coined in honour of the Brown Derby restaurant, who’s original location was built in the shape of a Derby hat nearby.
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