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Bees & Beekeeping

Why do bees make honey?

The golden gleam of runny honey on toast, honey roasted veg or a glass of our signature Beeble whisky is so entici...

What are nectar and pollen? What is the difference between them!

You probably know that bees collect pollen and nectar. But, do you know why bees require these valuable resources an...

Why is local honey better than supermarket honey?

You may have heard that buying and consuming local honey is better than buying and consuming supermarket honey. The r...

The difference between bees and wasps

You're lying on a picnic rug in the midst of summer, your eyes are closed and you can feel the warmth on your face. S...

Would we survive without bees?

If you’ve ever googled anything relating to bee extinction, you may have come across this notorious Einstein quote: “...

Are Bees Going Extinct?

A world without bees is sadly becoming more likely. In the last two decades, bee populations have been dying out due ...

How many species of bees are there in the UK?

You may be surprised to hear that there are over 200 species of bee found in the UK. That’s a long list! So we have m...

Does honey go off?

Natural, raw, and unfiltered honey is versatile and incredibly delicious. What’s more, honey never goes off. In fact,...

Give the Bees Knees

The importance of bees in our eco system is parallel to no other species. They are integral to pollinating the food ...

When do bees come out in the UK?

During the winter bees tend to hibernate in order to conserve energy and ultimately survive the harsh, winter conditions. However, in mid-April when the weather starts to become warmer and pollinating flowers begin to bloom, bees end their hibernation period and start to become more active. 

The rise of the city bees

“Dinosaurs, robots and honeybees. I don’t know why, but everyone is fascinated,” says Richard Glassborow, chair of th...

Bee-sponsibilities: The machine behind the magic.

A month on since Nicola tucked the bees into bed ready for the winter months, I started to consider what this break means for our bees. What does it really take to be a part of a hive and produce that delicious honey we are all so grateful for?
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