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Bees & Beekeeping

Bee-sponsibilities: The machine behind the magic.

A month on since Nicola tucked the bees into bed ready for the winter months, I started to consider what this break means for our bees. What does it really take to be a part of a hive and produce that delicious honey we are all so grateful for?

Visiting HMP Hindley

A few months ago, a friend working for the organisation 'UNLOCKED' reached out to me. Unlocked is a two-year programme, designed to train graduates as prison officers. My friend had heard the word BEES and put me in touch with Daisy, who was a graduate in her second year of the scheme.

Time to put the bees to bed

During the winter months, when the temperature outside the hives falls to 14 degrees, the bees move closer together, and below 9 degrees, they eventually form a cluster around the queen. As the weather, gets colder this cluster tightens.

Hola y Adiós 👋

Less than one month ago was my first day walking through the door of Beeble's office, a recent graduate student with very little work experience. And who would have thought that I would be able to learn so much during these four weeks?

Discover Vespa Morta

Beeble Vespa Morta is the second member of our Honey Liqueur range and is a delicious Honey Vodka drink. Last week we were ecstatic to hear that it had recieved a Great Taste Award and was described as 'super sumptuous' leaving a hint of 'floral honey on the palette'!!!

Time for a Worker Bee to Leave the Hive

A lot has changed in the 20 months since I joined the Beeble team in September 2019. When I joined the team, Beeble sold just one product - Beeble Original Honey Whisky. Today honey whisky remains the core product, however Beeble now sells over 20 other products online.

Babies and Deities

It is quite an ordeal breast feeding, and I have resisted giving advice. I did think of an unobtrusive way to help, though: beeswax is extremely nourishing and healing. I have melted down some beeswax and added olive oil, shea butter and lavender.  I judged the quantities by the consistency.

Medical Magic: The Buzz Around Honey

In a climate reeling from Covid-19 - a disease which effects the respiratory system, understanding the health benefits behind something as natural and readily available as honey might just prove invaluable. Honey has long been used as a home remedy to treat coughs and colds.

NEW Great Taste Award Winner

It’s a warm spring morning just as lockdown is easing and I’m cycling past Borough Market and forking right on to Southwark Street towards the Guild of Fine Food. As I approach the door I’m greeted by a face full of mask complete with muffled pleas of keeping a safe distance.

2020 Reflections: a Covid-19 Business Diary

COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, unprecedented – all words that seem to have become all too familiar in 2020. This time last year, heading towards the August bank holiday, who would have thought that less than 12 months later we’d be back into recession?! Certainly not me!
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