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Fabulous Farm Shops - The Jolly Nice - Beeble Co

Fabulous Farm Shops - The Jolly Nice

When thinking of a start point for this series, we didn’t have to think for very long. The Jolly Nice was the first very first retailer to take a chance on us and stock our delicious honey whisky. So what better place for us to start our farm shop reviews than the place where it all began for us.


Jolly Nice Farm Shop


Now you may think that would make us biased... and it does, however it would ruin our credibility if we didn’t recommend the very best so we urge you to get down there and judge for yourself.

When we think about farm shops, we think about local produce, we think about sustainably sourced food but when we think about the very best farm shops we think about the overall shopping experience. From the moment you drive in, you know there’s something a little bit special about this place. 

Situated in Stroud, adjacent to the A419 on the way in to Cirencester, the shop itself was converted from an old, run-down petrol station. Where, in yesteryear you may have filled up your tank, now you fill up your wicker shopping basket with fresh groceries from the finest local suppliers. Freshly made sandwiches line the back wall and a little kiosk serving yummy hot treats is tucked away in the corner. Another small cabin is the central point of the forecourt which is usually stocked with a small nursery of pots and plants (and of recent times has made a wonderful centre-piece for the one-way traffic social-distancing system).
Over the years, there has been plenty of expansion work completed, the grassy meadows behind played home to picnic tables before some delightful yurt tents were built, becoming the perfect place to enjoy your coffee and cake during the colder months. Obviously, with the current times that may not sound as appealing as before but The Jolly Nice moves quickly with the times as well. Earlier in the year they erected a drive-thru cafe so that you may enjoy the very best of what there is on offer from the comfort and safety of your own car. Be warned though, there will always be queue at lunchtime!

The owner, Rebecca is a visionary and the way she’s been able to create the perfect farm shop in her own image is something to be admired. All the staff are friendly, laid-back and the attention to detail in everything they turn their hand to is spot-on. When it comes to shopper experience, this really is one of the best in the business.

I’m sure that I have missed some of their offerings out but we are just delighted that Beeble Honey Whisky is a supplier as the values of our brand are reflected perfectly here. Jolly Nice by name, Jolly Nice by nature!

Written by Matt 

Jolly Nice Farm Shop



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