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Bees are renowned for their teamwork, they work in unison. Each bee performs an important role that benefits the whole colony. For example, the Queen bee lays eggs, drone bees fertilise the eggs and worker bees collect pollen and nectar as well as feed the larvae and protect the colony. The efficient system would be disrupted without one of the vital members of this work-chain. Every bee knows their role and performs it to the best of their ability. This contributes to both the maintenance of a healthy hive and surrounding ecosystem. Bees are also excellent at communicating with other hive members. They pass information via odor cues and a specific ‘waggle’ dance. 
Beeble has an intimate team of 6 which lets us embrace a family mentality. We have replicated the nurturing environment of bee hives within our work space. Matt and Nicola are the key members of the team who make sure everything runs smoothly. Similarly, they guide each worker bee to both individual and professional growth and success. In our hive, everyone has each other's back and we have created our own highly effective work-chain. Everyone knows exactly what their role within the team is. 
We also believe that customers are a crucial part of our team, without them, Beeble couldn't function.
So thank you to all of our customers and welcome to the Beeble family. 
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