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How we make Beeble

So how is Beeble Made?!
And why combine honey and whisky? Or honey and rum for that matter? It’s straightforward actually. Honey is a precious commodity that bees work tirelessly to produce and we just hate to see it go to waste. After our founder, Nicola became a beekeeper she was appalled at the amount of honey that gets wasted when harvesting. If a bee only makes half a teaspoon in it's lifetime, she was not prepared to see any of it go to waste!

So she set about putting every last drop to use and decided she would soak the frames in whisky (and later in rum and tequila too!). She tried it with her sons and daughters, and then with her friends, and then with their friends and so on and so forth, until it became her mission to bring a bit of honey whisky joy to everyone’s home.
And so, Beeble was born. 

Welcome to our unconventional tribute to love, laughter, and the pursuit of exquisite flavours. We celebrate the beauty of good times and hold dear the priceless quality of fostering a vibrant community above all else. With us, you'll discover a unique experience that embraces the essence of togetherness and cherishes life's most delightful moments.

The rest, they say, is history
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