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Beeble aspires to become the leading global honey spirits brand through working with local UK beekeepers, helping them to find sustainable solutions for our planet and educating our stakeholders on the importance of the existence of the world's favourite insect. 

Minimal waste company

Our Honey Whisky was initially created as a way to use up leftover honey, stuck to the frames in our hives. We soaked them in whisky, and this is how our first honey liqueur was born. Since then, we haven’t looked back and have now developed a full range of honey liqueurs including Honey Vodka and a brand-new Honey Rum.

Beeble bees

A recent lockdown project which we embarked on to minimise waste was the launch of our 

Cosmetic Range.



We noticed that there was still lots of byproducts on the frames from the hives such as beeswax. Eventually, we came up with the bee-rilliant idea of using this, along with some leftover honey to create cosmetics. Beeswax and honey have an abundance of healing properties and are naturally ultra-moisturising and so these properties worked perfectly for creating a nourishing range of balms and lotions.

Beeble Cosmetics

Local, sustainable and ethical honey

Through manufacturing all our honey ourselves, we can ensure that it is all ethically and sustainably produced, unlike many commercial honey companies, where sadly the annual culling of hives to save money is a common practice.

In addition, through using the Idler Beekeeping technique, we only take honey from our hives a few times a year, when their supply is in surplus. For the rest of the year, we ensure that the bees are well-insulated over the winter months and we grow an abundance of wonderful bee-friendly flowers over the Spring and Summer to further nurture them.

BeekeepingSupport for charities working to protect the bees

Our co-founder, Nicola, is an ambassador for the global charity, 'Bees for Development', which promotes sustainable beekeeping in developing countries through sharing beekeeping skills to provide a reliable life-long source of income. This aims to help combat poverty, whilst also benefitting biodiversity. Last Autumn, we sponsored them at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. In addition, 100% of the profits from our Beeble Chocolate Bar, which we launched in August 2021 go to Bees for Development. 

Bees for Development
Last Autumn, we also funded a social project at HMP Hindley, by supporting the 'Bee Better Project' which taught prisoners how to keep bees as a way to engage them in environmental issues in an interesting way and take their minds away from the prison setting for a couple of hours a week. We helped with the project by running a creative workshop to design labels for the honey collected from the bees. 
HMP Hindley Honey Jar Labels

Social Impact

Over the past few years, we have been running beekeeping courses with Idler to try and educate people about the importance of bees and how to keep hives of their own. Since we began these we have successfully trained more than 100 new beekeepers. This year we are working towards building our own beekeeping school at the home of our hives in Wiltshire. This will enable us to run even more courses throughout the year and also progress our mission of spreading awareness and knowledge about bees and their importance to our ecosystem.

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