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What do bees and Beeble symbolise?

Inspired by the bees themselves, our company values align with the 4 key virtues of bees. 


Much like our bees, at Beeble we believe in dedication and persistence - the very qualities that are essential to the continuation of our existence. 


Beeble has an emotional connection to the bees and our environment. We put our hearts into producing the best quality products and ensuring our hives are well looked after.

Within the lifecycle of bees, very little is wasted. Beeble too is committed to reducing our waste. We aim to spread our love and admiration for bees through education and bring together like minded people. 


Bees work in unison to create an efficient, resilient system and nurturing environment. Beeble mimics this close knit community creating productivity within our hives and empowering others.

We view our customers as a vital part of our team and therefore put outstanding customer service at the forefront of our agenda. 


Bees are givers and their generous input into the ecosystem helps it flourish. As a company, Beeble aims to not only help the environment, but local communities and charities. 

Like bees, who bring an abundance of life right to your doorstep, Beeble seeks to do the same. We believe our sweet goodness can spark your passion for bees and Beeble.

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