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The Story of Vespa Morta

Under the moonlight, the bee and the wasp would secretly meet and tell tales of their different worlds. How could two creatures so similar be such sworn enemies?

One summer’s night, their battling colonies fell upon them. Their queens forbade them from ever meeting again. Distressed, the bee and the wasp flew away to hide from the swarm. While they were comforted by each other, they were full of fear and woe that their kin had so scorned them. The next day, the bee and the wasp were found dead, their hearts broken.

Vespa Morta reminds us of the two star crossed lovers, signified by our hometown honey and a vodka sting. A triple-distilled, wheat grain vodka that is all procured, distilled and produced on British shores combined with apple and cherry blossom honey that comes straight from our very own Wiltshire hives. The two are harmoniously brought together over a four-week infusion process that bonds the honey to the vodka, much like our lovers were bonded to each other.
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