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NEW Great Taste Award Winner - Beeble Co

NEW Great Taste Award Winner

It’s a warm spring morning just as lockdown is easing and I’m cycling past Borough Market before forking right on to Southwark Street towards the Guild of Fine Food. As I approach the door I’m greeted by a face full of mask complete with muffled pleas of keeping a safe distance. A surgeons glove reaches out and takes the two packages I have prepared exactly as instructed. Thank you, have a lovely day, the door shuts and we’re an entrant to the 2020 Great Taste Awards.
Fast-forward to Monday lunchtime. Cravings for my chicken, bacon, avo jacket from Kennington’s finest Café Amoré are reaching breaking point. We won!  Fergus cries and just like that... [clears throat] And the NEW heavyweight champion of the world: Beeeeeeebbbble Original Honey Whisky!

The Great Taste Awards 2020

Thanks to all of you for your continued support, without which, this wouldn’t be possible. Also a big thank you to the Guild of Fine Food for bestowing this award upon us and of course to the lovely judges who voted us as delivering fantastic flavour. I’ve included some of their tasting notes below…

"A lovely golden apple shade in the glass and an appealing aroma of, indeed, honeyed Scotch. Sweet and mellow on the palate, the honey plays second fiddle to the whisky, while complementing it nicely. After that first sip, however, the rich, floral honey notes come through more clearly on the nose - a touch of clover meadow warmed by the summer sun. Another sip and the meld again seems seamless. The sweetness is well judged, as also the abv; the finish is not cloying despite some welcome lingering honey notes. An enjoyable sip; a drink that fulfils it remit well."

"This has a slightly cloudy appearance but a pleasant golden tone. The honey gives it a fresh, floral aroma that holds its ground over the whisky. The honey also comes through well on the palate expressing lots of character. The whisky has a mild flavour, but that enables the honey to shine though, which is what this product is about. The sweetness is also well balanced."

Written by Matt 

Great Taste Awards - Beeble Honey Whisky



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