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Discover Vespa Morta

Discover Vespa Morta

Beeble Honey Whisky - Vespa Morta

As the nights begin to shorten and the warm summer days have started to become more sporadic, the prospect of a long, cold winter ahead of us, may seem fairly bleak.

However, the atmosphere in the Beeble team is quite the opposite and our worker bees are absolutely buzzing! Now summer has ended we are taking a more optimistic approach to the change in seasons and are excited for the next few months ahead of us. Our busiest time is fast-approaching and more importantly, Christmas is on its way!

The Beeble worker bees in the office are busy buzzing away as we start to prepare for the festive season ahead of us. Already, finishing touches are being added to the production of our new Christmas gift boxes and we are also working on a few other exciting projects such as honey-fragranced candles.

Pre-Christmas orders are flying in as our Farm Shop customers begin to stock up on us. Of course, this was anticipated to some extent as what could be worse than running out of Beeble …?!


However, our biggest news, which we are thrilled to announce to the Beeble community is the launch of our brand-new product ... BEEBLE VESPA MORTA!

Beeble Honey Vodka - Vespa Morta


Beeble Vespa Morta is the second member of our Honey Liqueur range and is a delicious Honey Vodka. The drink is made with a high-quality vodka which is then expertly blended using honey from our Wiltshire hives to form a smooth, rich, honey-infused liqueur with the perfect touch of natural sweetness. The result is a taste sensation. 


If this news hasn’t already left you humming in your seats, giddy with excitement it gets even better! Not only has our Honey Vodka finally taken flight, but last week we were ecstatic to hear that it had also received a 2021 Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food!!!

Beeble Honey Vodka - Great Taste Award 2021


The Judges were particularly complimentary of the liqueur’s “subtle qualities and smoothness” and described it as “super sumptuous” leaving a hint of “floral honey on the palette”. In addition, they admired the beautiful cleanness of the vodka, which “allow[ed] the honey to be the queen bee”.


Having experimented with a few different mixers in the office (don’t worry it was past midday!), we think our Honey Vodka goes best with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a few cubes of ice and some tonic water. This creates a deliciously refreshing cocktail, perfect as an every-day evening drink to unwind or as a celebratory tipple.


Equally, due to the slight hint of sweetness from the honey, the Vespa Morta is also delicious simply poured over the rocks if you’re feeling like a bit more of a kick!

Written by Hester
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