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Time for a Worker Bee to Leave the Hive - Beeble Co

Time for a Worker Bee to Leave the Hive

Worker Bees Do ‘Drift’

Typically worker bees don’t venture out from their hive to other hives, however, after a bit of research I found that some honeybees do ‘drift’ to other hives. The time has come for this worker bee (me) to drift.

A lot has changed in the 20 months since I joined the Beeble team in September 2019. When I joined the team, Beeble sold just one product - Beeble Original Honey Whisky. Today honey whisky remains the core product, however Beeble now sells over 20 other products online including several from other bee-centric brands. Beeble is busily adding to this, we are introducing new products to our alcohol offering (honey rum and honey vodka), continuing to expand our cosmetics range, developing a new non-alcoholic spirit drink and much more!

While at Beeble I have learnt a vast amount in several fields, including how make the most out of an ‘unprecedented’ situation, pivoting a business during a pandemic. My time at Beeble has been a great opportunity for me to learn how to run a business: from developing, making and branding products to marketing, sales and other day-to-day operations. I would recommend anyone looking to develop their business skills to look out for jobs at Beeble. A great chance to learn how to build a brand scale-up an operation, develop products and marketing/sales campaigns to go with them.

As well as learning a lot about business and bees, I have got to know some great people, in particular Beeble’s two co-founders. Nicola, the artistic, passionate beekeeper who represents Beeble’s vision to become a bee business; and Matt, the commercially minded driver behind the business whose sole aim is to make these visions a successful reality.

I will keep in touch with the Beeble team and keep a close eye on how the company develops and the new products they launch. There are a lot of exciting projects in progress and I am keen to see how they go and try them! However now I will have to actually go on the website to get my hands on the new Beeble products (instead of ‘product testing’ on sunny Friday afternoons with the team!)

Bye for now 👋


Fergus - worker bee


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