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Fabulous Farm Shops - Felicity’s Farm Shop - Beeble Co

Fabulous Farm Shops - Felicity’s Farm Shop

Well well well, Felicity’s Farm Shop… What can I say: you’re in for a treat!

Once-upon-a-time, when I was new to all of this business stuff, I thought that I’d be able to do all business deliveries for ever & ever and in the process be able to meet all of our customer’s face-to-face. So here I was, 4:45pm (15 minutes before closing) on a Tuesday in August 2019 with 8.5 hours driving under my belt and still a few more hours to go - to say I was feeling a little jaded was an understatement.


I pull in to the car park, find myself a space, take a deep breath and look up to see the most stunning view (just look above). I then receive a ping on my phone, it’s my best friend and he’s just got engaged to the love of his life - my day is looking up… I get out the car and trundle inside to make the drop-off. Luckily for me, I bump into Felicity on my way in and her infectious yet gentle energy perks me up right away. She has been looking forward to getting Beeble in ever since we sent her the sample bottle a couple weeks before and she excitedly starts telling me about the customers who’ve had a taste and are coming back for a bottle.

It isn’t long before Felicity has offered me a cup of tea and a customary sausage roll, and even sooner it’s disappeared down the hatchet. Feeling re-energised, I’m ready to take-on the 160 mile return trip to Notting Hill. As you’ll know by now, it’s often the people who make farm shops special - whether it’s Felicity or Tom (Felicity’s son) at the helm on any given day, this farm shop always fills me with joy. It’s one that provides a unique shopping experience and that is what I’m looking for.

Felicity's Farm Shop, Morecambelake

There is a resident ice cream van in the car park that is extremely popular given the beautiful vista’s of the countryside. However, that is not all! I’ve been told that there’s a new special guest in town - Mark Hix, the critically acclaimed restauranteur and chef has a new seafood truck and it’s parked right here. So whether you’re after a cold sweet treat or a hot seafood snack - Felicity’s has got it covered.

With stay-cations looking like a mainstay for this summer at least, make sure you get yourself along to Felicity's, grab yourself a bottle of Beeble and enjoy the best of what Dorset has to offer.

Felicity's Farm Shop, MorecambelakeFelicity's resident ice-cream van

Felicity's Farm Shop, Morecambelake
Taking in the view with an ice-cream in hand at Felicity’s Farm Shop

Written by Matt 


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