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Fabulous Farm Shops - Burford Garden - Beeble Co

Fabulous Farm Shops - Burford Garden

If you ever find yourself in rural Oxfordshire then you’re probably not too far away from a small medieval settlement on the River Windrush called Burford. Situated in the heart of the Cotswold Hills; it’s one of the most beautiful towns in the country, certainly that I’ve ever been to.

Burford Garden Co is situated just up the hill from the town itself but it carries the character and feel of the village into its stunning garden centre. I would argue that stunning is not an adjective used to describe the stereotypical garden centre but Burford Garden Co is the quintessential anomaly that proves the rule.

Burford Garden Centre

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for garden ware, food, reading material, afternoon tea or homeware, Burford Garden Co has got you covered. This is so much more than a farm shop or a garden centre, it’s more like a retail centre - not a shopping mall but somewhere you can find a curated selection of some of the UK’s finest products across all things 'Homes and Garden'. The most amazing thing about Burford is, that despite it's vast size, it still manages to feel quaint and picturesque, much like the town itself. There is a wonderful charm to it, which is perhaps heightened by the fact it is so unexpected.

I feel like I could do all my shopping at Burford Garden Co and never have to go anywhere else. In fact, it’s the sort of place where I could just spend my days aimlessly browsing and leave having bought things I never knew I wanted or needed.

Paddington Bear at Burford Garden Centre

You may notice I always talk about the food options and don’t worry, this time is going to be no different. The cafe & kitchen is top class, if I’m ever on the road and passing through then I always make a stop for lunch (in non-Covid times of course). The buffet-style canteen is magnificent with a sensational selection of hot & cold and sweet & savoury to choose from. Rather than finding yourself sitting at a rather basic table on a rather basic chair in a rather uninspiring warehouse, at Burford it feels as though I could be sitting in my own back garden. The beautiful solid wood furniture brings its own character and there is a wonderful amount of natural light that gives a certain peacefulness; and the super friendly staff always make me feel very welcome to be able to enjoy that.

Burford has been a huge supporter of Beeble and our honey whisky for several years now and for that we are hugely grateful. We have had one of our cocktails on their tasting menu and they always put on a magnificent display for us. One of my favourite things about this place is that I know that they do the same to support so many other small brands.

It may come as no surprise to hear that it is always busy however it carries that busi-ness with a certain magnetic appeal that means it is just a lovely vibe to be part of and is probably why the people will always keep coming back.

Burford Garden Centre

Written by Matt 

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